FAQ: Soap: First Smart Router w/ Touch Display Powered by Android
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Does soap have IPV6

Yes! This is the first real ipv6 support device running on android that we are aware of. Last updated: Wed, Feb 26 2014 12:08 pm EST

How does our ad filter work?

Our ad filter is designed to block ads based on what you tell it to block and based on a predefined list we make available for auto download nightly which will tell your Soap what to block and not block. We do not require proxies to filter ads because soap is your proxy meaning you wont see the same slow down other ad filtering can cause. If there is a ad that is annoying you and your device isn't blocking it we have the Teach Me function which will allow you to notify soap to get in shape and block that ad. We know ads change and sometimes you computer will think something is a ad that is not and this is frustrating so as easily as you can tell it to block that ad you will be able to allow the ad. This feature we will be working close with you to tailor something we all love. Last updated: Sun, Feb 23 2014 12:53 am EST

Does soap have USB 3.0

Yes. Last updated: Wed, Feb 26 2014 12:08 pm EST

Is Soap only able to run android.

No soap will be able to run multiple operating systems but as of now we are only planning support for android and Linux. Last updated: Sun, Feb 23 2014 1:09 am EST

Will soap really offer so many different wireless and home automation connectivity?

Yes we believe that we all have been tied down and confused by the industry that tells us that we need 20 different home automation hubs and multiple routers. We have done the work and have managed to fit most of the needed connectivity into one device and yes its still affordable and doesn't rip too big of hole in the space time continuum(This last part was sarcastic ;)) Last updated: Sun, Feb 23 2014 1:14 am EST

Will soap come with a external antenna?

Yes soap will come with a external antenna for situations where you need to increase your signal strength to the Soap device. This will be available for both Soap Touch and Soap Essentials. Last updated: Wed, Feb 26 2014 12:24 am EST

What kind of warranty will Soap offer?

For our KS backers soap will have a 2 year parts and labor warranty that will cover all defects on parts and labor. This will not cover dropping of Soap or water damage. Last updated: Wed, Feb 26 2014 12:24 am EST

Why did you launch two versions?

We did this so that we could offer Soap at a lower price point so more people could have access to the technology. Being that the real difference is only the display it was simple for us to do. Last updated: Wed, Feb 26 2014 11:07 pm EST

Shipping Updates
For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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